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Yankees, Rougned Odore victim horrific strike call ninth inning vs. Red Sox

The Yankees vs. the Red Sox and Umpires were on Sunday night.

The Yankees fell 6-4 against the Red Sox on Sunday night in extra innings, headed to the Red Sox Bronx and broke the brooms in the process, clearing the bombers and expanding to second place in New York. AL East.

As is customary in most Yanks-Sawx series, however, the debate added: when runners were in first and third place on the ninth day, Rougned Odor called the strikes with full counting, catching Strike 3 in the game in bonus frames.

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The call was a good one – referee Gabe Morales extended the strike area to access the nearby Citi Field.

To make matters worse (or rather), ESPN commentator Alex Rodriguez spoke of the good work Morales was doing some of the work before, creating a strange and indefensible call lost in the ninth. Christian Vazquez’s frame work didn’t even turn the field, which makes it more ridiculous and sad.

A bad call doesn’t make the game: the Yankees had multiple chances to increase their lead or win extra game tickets, but there’s no denying that failing at an important moment in the game could change the outcome.

It’s understandable that the Yankees coaches weren’t happy: third-team coach Phil Nevin and bench coach Carlos Mendoza were both drawn for a discussion with Morales, and catcher Gary Sanchez had a few words for the referee immediately after the call.

Once again baseball fans (in addition to Red Sox fans) claimed to be robot referees and the solution to the biggest problem in baseball:

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