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Where will the Oakland A’s go? MLB does well to allow Athletics to consider relocation

There is nothing wrong with Oakland.

Oakland Athletics has long been fighting for a new stadium in the Bay Area, but their latest attempts seem to be in vain, and it may continue to be so. ESPN’s Jeff Passan reported that on Tuesday MLB officially gave A a way to explore leaving Oakland to find a new home for his team.

“The Oakland Coliseum is not a viable option for the future of baseball,” as the league said in a statement. “We have ordered athletics to start exploring other markets as they continue to follow Oakland’s waterfront park.

“Athletics needs a new pelota court to stay competitive, so it’s in our interest to consider other markets as well.”

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While there’s something charming in the Oakland Coliseum trash that holds junk, there’s no denying that the building is a rotten park. Whatever the reason, it’s because the new stadium hasn’t been built, whether it’s politics, money, property or all of the above, it’s actually not a viable home for professional baseball in 2021.

From its rooted in Oakland to its uprooted potential in Oakland, here are some potential landing sites for the rumors, sometime, when the Ak ships and leaves the bay.

Las Vegas

The most notable option here is that Vegas has been successful with professional franchises heading to the desert in recent years. The NFL Raiders are the latest example, making noise with the NHL Golden Knights expansion and going to the Stanley Cup Final in their first year.

It seems that baseball and Vegas play together like a march and a fine Chinese with a poor history of playing with the sport, approaching league betting to get better and better, is not as taboo as in past years.

Vegas’s aura and Ak make a lot of sense as a pairing.


The home of the Triple-A Charlotte Knights and Durham Bulls, North Carolina has already proven a viable option for baseball.

While college football is king in Carolina, the thirst for sports in Charlotte has long been evident, with fans cheering for another sports team that has been around for years. After the Hornets moved to New Orleans, it didn’t take long for the NBA to replace the (hourly) Bobcats, and now the Hornets are back. Charlotte is also home to the NFL’s Carolina Panthers.


It might make sense for Oakland Ak to become the next “Baseball of the Bastards”. Trail Blazers can also be used by some companies. (And wood, we guess.)

Portland, Oregon, has long been hot after an MLB team, the city is often cited as an opportunity to relocate group rumors (Expos and Marlins were two specific examples).

To add smoke to the Portland fire, it is planned to open an MLB-level front yard in 2022 that will house between 35,000 and 45,000 people and have a retractable roof. The market is already larger than others that currently take the group (Kansas City, Cincinnati).


Work has been underway in Montreal in recent years, and the Tampa Bay Rays have reportedly planned to split their home games between Florida and North of the Border in 2019.

How about MLB giving a full-time team instead?

Although Montreal baseball failed due to a lack of interest rather than the team’s success (Expos in the late 90s the teams didn’t help much in that case), Canada seems ready to make another attempt. Eventually, expanding to another country will help make the MLB case a more global game.

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