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Trevor Bauer criticizes MLB’s approach to foreign substances: “No one knows what the rules are at the moment”

Trevor Bauer is unhappy with what he is about to start policing alien substances in MLB basketball.

The league recently informed teams that it intends to address the pitfalls that baseball doctors are making.

However, Bauer agreed with the implementation of the league process and admitted that the rules are not clear to pitchers, managers and referees.

“We’ve heard a bunch of things and it’s always changing every day,” Bauer said Jorge Castillo of the Los Angeles Times. “No one knows what the rules are right now, apparently, including MLB and the commissioner. So it would be great as a player to know what rules we’re competing for and what rules will apply, as everyone knows, a written rule that is never followed is not a rule.

“So it would be nice to know what the rules of the game are, so it’s changed about four times in the last week or so.”

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To be clear, Bauer is not against the rule. He wants to make sure everything goes smoothly throughout the league. And he doesn’t think the league has figured out how to do that.

“I want to compete on the fair play field. I’ll tell you again,” Bauer said. “That’s been all the time right now. Let’s get everyone competing on a playing field. So if you’re going to enforce that, enforce it. And if you don’t stop scattering under the rug, that’s what I’ve been doing for four years now.

“So I would like everyone to be able to compete in a proper game so that they can see who the best players are and what the best team is, according to the rules given and the enforcement of the rules.”

Bauer certainly has a point, because MLB usually changes slowly and adapts to the problems he faces. That’s why the league is trying to implement a procedural change in the middle of the season, which causes confusion.

Things will eventually work out for themselves, but as repression begins, pitchers may see a small drop in performance as their turnover rates fall.

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Although Bauer had previously denied his doctorate in baseball with foreign substances, he supported 10 high-season players against the Braves and won three jobs in six job entries.

Could that be a coincidence? Sure.

However, it will be something to be seen at the league level in the coming weeks. And some of the best pitchers in the league will suffer blows on the road as referees begin to follow a rule that has long been ignored.

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