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Tony La Rusa pushes Yermin Mercedes into early retirement

Yermin Mercedes, a Chicago White Sox starter, has surprisingly announced that he is moving away from the baseball game on Wednesday night.

At the beginning of the 2021 season, Chicago White Sox fans were in love with the game of the new Yermin Mercedes slugger. But unfortunately, his career ended before he started.

After descending Triple-A to Charlotte earlier this month, Mercedes has announced it on Instagram two words appear in the photo of Mercedes’ message as he was walking “a little” away from the baseball game – “it’s over.”

In 68 games with the White Sox this season, Mercedes has reduced .271 / .328 / .404 in seven home races, 37 RBI, 26 and 65 hits.

White Sox: Is Tony La Rusa worth blaming Yermin Mercedes for retirement?

La Russa apparently clashed with Mercedes ’style of play – the unwritten rules filled the fun of AKA baseball in the new era. The fact that Mercedes started the 2021 season was one of the best stories in the sport, until it was not.

The TLR came into its own, having struggled for so long to become big, as it counted 3-0 against a positional player and hit the home side. It was a hilarious moment in baseball, and one more proof that you should always be ready to project a bomb.

The White Sox players sided with Mercedes, but La Russa is the Hall of Fame. He was always on his way. And after “dealing from the inside out,” Mercedes was never the same.

Should Mercedes have been able to overcome this confusion on the field and be successful? Of course. But it is not right to ask a player with little experience in the Major League.

A few months after the MLB dream came true, it suddenly disappeared. We wish Yermini all the best in deciding what to do next.

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