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Three-way Bucks Giannis Antetokounmpo should attack the Nets defense and one way shouldn’t

It would be ridiculous to criticize most of the NBA players who scored 33 points and scored 14 rebounds in the playoffs, but Giannis Antetokounmpo is not the most player.

Twice NBA MVP Milwaukee won in the 3rd game against Brooklyn was one of the main assistants – the other was Khris Middleton, with 35 points and 15 rebounds in total – which prevented the Bucks from falling into a 3-0 hole. However, it seems that Antetokounmp could move forward in the series.

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“At the end of the day, when you play a basketball game and win the game, you enjoy it [it]. But I think we can play better. ” Antetokounmpo said. “We can play better. We can play fast. We can play more together.”

How can Bucks be released against “The Greek Freak” networks? Let’s see what worked in Game 3 (and what didn’t).

Do: Attack quickly in midfield sets and transition

Example 1: Antetokounmpo was in attack mode after the starting point. He missed a couple of balls and didn’t let the defenders of the nets sprint ahead and build a wall in front of him.

Example 2: Later in the first quarter, Antetokounmpo faced a defense that had a much better position to stop him. He came in with such force that it didn’t matter. Antetokounmpo had a chance to finish himself off or kick Brook Brook to get the 3-point width he painted with Landry Shamet.

Example 3: In this play, the nets pushed the five defenders back, but Antetokounmp saw Blake Griffin back and into his chest. When it’s so deep, it’s over.

Example 4: Here is what happened when Antetokounmpo was not decisive. He fired from the air for more than 10 seconds while his teammates were standing and staring. Griffin tied it to make the jump, but Kevin Durant might have blocked the shot from behind if Antetokounmpo managed to release the ball.

Highlights: “I think, the first quarter, [Antetokounmpo] it was in attack mode. I think in the meantime, we were better. ” Bucks coach Mike Budenholzer said. “We scored 30 points, and from there it was pretty slow. So Giannis needs to keep finding his place, he can get to the second action, the third action. He will continue to play and make good decisions. And play on his team.”

Do: Run a pick-and-roll with teammates

Example 1: Griffin was happy to play with Antetokounmpo and take the 3 points (and more on that below). One way for Milwaukee to deal with this strategy was to use Antetokounmpo as a screenwriter. Jrue Holiday came out with steam, so Griffin had to side with Irving, who was still on top of the Holiday screen. Antetokounmpo was thrown hard to the edge, and Griffin could not step fast enough to get the charge.

Example 2: Bucks made the Holiday-Antetokounmpo pick-and-roll in the same spot later in the first half, but this time Mike James Nets guard labeled Antetokounmpo to avoid an easy pass. Holiday adapted by throwing the right laser at PJ Tucker. The shot didn’t fall off, but the threat of an Antetokounmpo dive created the look Milwaukee wanted.

By numbers: Antetokounmpo scores 1.21 points in the playoffs as a knockout in the playoffs, but has only registered 14 possessions, According to NBA.com statistics.

Do: find ways to cut

Example 1: The Bucks lacked ball movement throughout the series, but each player had a great possession that touched the ball. Milwaukee put Brooklyn in a state of support and recovery and Antetokounmpo saw the track after turning his defender towards the ball.

Example 2: Once again, Antetokounmp helped the ball and took advantage of the defender who lost track of him. Antetokounmp caught the ball on the dotted line, but his length and athleticism gave him an easy dive.

By numbers: Antetokounmpo scores 1.30 points in the playoffs as a 23-piece cutter in the playoffs, According to NBA.com statistics. Produced by Bucks third highest rate of reduction (1.38) Clippers (1.42) and Jazz (1.39) are behind the playoffs.

No: Isolate and pull 3-point handles

Example 1: Okay, here comes the frustrating part. Antetokounmpo entered the 8th with a 3-point lead (12.5 percent) and the 13th of 23 entered with a 2-point lead (56.5 percent) in Game 3. A lot of deep attempts were just bad shots. Dropping, without passing, 17 seconds shot on the clock. No.

Example 2: Dripping up, one step inside the arc, back, clockwise for 15 seconds. Stop.

Example 3: Dripping, both teammates had just crossed half the field, with a shot clockwise 17 seconds. Man. . . come.

Highlights: “They’re back. You have to shoot. You don’t have to shoot. You have to make the best decision.” Antetokounmpo said. “At the time, if I feel like I can throw, I’ll shoot. If I feel like I can get teammates involved, I’ll get teammates involved. At the end of the day, like I said, make the best decision for that particular moment. Like I said, instinct told me to take a threesome it was the best decision and that’s why I took eight threes. ”

(The best decision is to delete those 3 points and do more.)

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