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The revival of Gleybor Torres could be the perfect increase in the trading period

Gleyber Torres has been unparalleled this season, but the Yankees need to turn around in the second half.

The New York Yankees they are now on the outside looking for a place in the playoffs. By the time we reach nitty gritty in September, the team and fans are hoping to have a chance to play baseball in October.

Most likely, the buyers will be on time as they normally are, but buying on time doesn’t always turn out the way you might expect. At the end of the day, you have to trust the guys in the club right now.

One of the guys who needs to turn that around is Gleyber Torres.

Gleyber Torres is ready to bounce back in the second half

The Yankees youth stop it has been a natural year that he would like to forget terribly. He battled the whole of 2020 in the season that shortened the pandemic, but managed to recover his season with 106 wRC +. He’s a long way from the previous two seasons, but you can give him a pass because the league’s players have been down for years.

Unfortunately, the problems have bled in the 2021 season. Torres ’power suddenly disappeared and he was becoming a serious problem, considering that in his first 267 games he hit 62 home races with an .235 ISO.

From the start of the 2020 season to the 2021 Star Break, Torres had a .241 / .336 / .301 bar line with an .084 ISO, which won’t do the job for anyone, especially one of his players. caliber.

The problem, believe it or not, was really Torres making too many contacts – more specifically bad contact. Torres basically exchanged power for plate discipline, and while it’s important for plate discipline to be a good knocker, it won’t do you any favors if you bend too much.

You can be a player, a loser and a prolific knockout, and since Aaron Judge called a player-only meeting on June 29, Torres has begun to turn around.

Since that date (when it entered Wednesday) its ground ball rate has remained the same, but the rate at which it has flown has been 45.7%, 36.3 percent of the season average. The hard blow is 40 percent and the barrel rate is 11.4%, both higher than the season average.

As we have been learning in recent years, strikers are not the end of the world and hitting the ball in the air will eventually lead to good things. Not much has changed since Torres ’contact and contact numbers were found from that group, but his production has increased since he hit more flyballs. As it enters Wednesday, it is declining .256 / .385 / .442 .827 is good for an OPS to go with 133 wRC + and .186 ISO.

He has maintained the discipline of his quality dishes with a 17.3 percent trajectory, but as I said before, the quality of contact has increased tremendously, which is what the Yankees need and expect from him.

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