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The Red Sox are going crazy on Twitter after overcoming a 4-race deficit to beat the Blue Jays

The Boston Red Sox were pleased with Twitter’s recent performance by their team, eliminating a four-race deficit to beat the Toronto Blue Jays.

The motto of the 2021 Boston Red Sox could be “never say kill”.

The Red Sox have taken up the habit of reversing the deficit to the delight of fans and disappointing rivals.

On Friday night, they did it again in the most spectacular way so far.

Red Sox fans lost when Alex Verdugo gave the best return so far

The Toronto Blue Jays got a 5-1 lead at the end of the sixth inning. Boston left Alex Verdugo unlikely to win with a single RBI on the bottom wall of the ninth.

Suddenly, Red Sox fans don’t mind trading Mookie Betts.

No one in MLB is making a comeback like Boston this year. They never got out of there.

Red Sox fans had little to look forward to this season. What they’ve achieved is a fun team.

The team is getting the imagination of its fans.

The purchase is in the entire franchise.

Fans of other teams were happy with the final victory, of course.

It was a tremendous night for Verdugo as he had three hits, including a winning contact. The home races of Bobby Dalbec and Christian Arroyo were also critical.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. had three hits and two RBIs, with a home run at the top of the sixth. Despite its performance, the Blue Jays were unable to turn success into success.

There is only one game at the top of the AL East at the Boston Tampa Bay Rays. And they have more to look forward to. Chris Sale is making strides as Tommy John returns from surgery.

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