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The Packers president said Aaron Rodgers is a “complicated friend” in the clashes with the team

Relationship status: It’s complicated.

Packers president Mark Murphy recently said the situation between Aaron Rodgers and the state The Packers have divided the fan base, and comments made to Rodgers last week have certainly not helped.

Speaking at a recent event at Lambeau Field, Murphy recalled words of wisdom that had former GM Ted Thompson Packers and Rodgers ’unique personality.Via NBC26). Rodgers is a “complicated” type:

“However, I often remember Ted Thompson, as most of you know, who was just a great CEO (earlier this year),” Murphy said. “(Thompson) often talked about Aaron, that he was the same – and it wasn’t just Aaron, a lot of different players – he said, ‘It’s unfortunate.’

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Confusingly, Murphy recently told Rodgers that the less you say about the situation in public, the better:

“We are working to resolve the situation and the less the two sides say publicly, the better we will realize.” he recently wrote.

The MVP has not notified the Packers of the mandatory minicamp and has seated the OTA. There has been no word on whether the situation between the two parties is close to a resolution.

Rodgers ’problems with the Packers are without specific reasoning; Some reports have indicated that he is happy with the status of his contract, Brian Gutekunst with GM or the team’s lack of respect and that he is writing a replacement in 2020.

Murphy, however, offered a vote of confidence to Gutekunst, which means Rodgers may denounce Gutekunst’s desire to get rid of him. Murphy has said he wants Rodgers to be a caller to the team for 2021 and beyond.

But Murphy’s last words may raise a small question as to whether or not this is really the case.

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