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The Aaron Bay president says the situation has “divided” the Packers ’fondness for the situation

The Packers quarterback has handed out the faithful Packer.

MVP leader Aaron Rodgers’s absence from the OTA and his expected non-mandatory minicamp on Tuesday amid a clash with the Packers, Green Bay President Mark Murphy said the situation is “divided.” [the Packers] hobby “.

Questions from fans in his monthly column on the team’s website, he responded to a fan who offered a compliment for Murphy’s work while offering a small insight into the situation with Rodgers:

The situation we live in with Aaron Rodgers has divided our fans. Received emails and letters reflect this data. As I wrote here last month, we are still committed to fixing things with Aaron and we want him to be our quarterback in 2021 and beyond. We are working to resolve the situation and the less we both say publicly, the better we will realize.

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It’s really noteworthy that Murphy offered a vote of confidence to GM Brian Gutekunst GM, with whom Rodgers said he has a cow. Murphy writes:

… I have to tell you that I have tremendous confidence in Brian Gutekunsten. In our relatively short term as GM, he has completely turned the fortunes of our team around. He has formed a very talented team (the most players we voted for in the Pro Bowl last year), which has achieved a 28-8 record in the last two years, after losing consecutive seasons in 2017 and 2018, and playing back -Yesterday’s NFC Championship games. He also has a great working relationship with head coach Matt LaFleur. He and the director of football operations at EVP / Russ Ball have managed our salary cap well and have positioned us well for the future.

The quarrel between Rodgers and Pack is caused by a lack of respect or contract issues or something that no one is really sure about. Rodgers was not in the OTAs – along with his wide group of receivers – so the stalemate between the two sides continues.

Veteran players who lack OTAs aren’t usually big things, there’s more to it than just sitting on Rodgers – Rodgers ’mandatory minicamp status is“ in doubt, ”according to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport.

Whatever the difference, it doesn’t look like the difference between Rodgers, the Packers and the fans will be made soon.

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