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Rasheed Wallace is obvious about the Lakers ’playoff needs

Rasheed Wallace has identified the elephant with the Los Angeles Lakers in the room.

Former NBA star Rasheed Wallace he knows well what it is Los Angeles Lakers they need to win in the playoffs: they need a healthy one LeBron James. Shocker!

That tough outlook will overwhelm or break the Lakers this postseason. Los Angeles will go as far as James will lead. Despite what Wallace appreciates Anthony Davis when he has been on the court this year, the Lakers are not repeating themselves as NBA champions after a healthy James season. Unfortunately, it’s not close to a healthy percentage.

So how important is James in terms of the overall health the Lakers may have a chance to repeat?

Rasheed Wallace: The Lakers need a healthy LeBron James to win it all

Los Angeles has four games left in the regular season. The Lakers are expected to finish seventh in the regular season this year, which means they will have to participate in a controversial play-in tournament. The good news is that they won’t be worse than the eight-ranked team in all likelihood, which means they have to win one of two potential matches to reach the playoffs.

It is likely that they will draw a rival from the Golden State Warriors department with the number 7 and the number 8, the winner going forward and getting the number 7. The loser will face the winner of match number 9 and number 10 to qualify for number 8. If Los Angeles pulls out of the play-in tournament, they will likely have the Utah Jazz or Phoenix Suns in a potential first-round matchup.

Without a healthy James, maybe LA won’t come out the first summer.

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