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Phillie Phanatic trolls broken Yankees helmet; saddens Giancarlo Stanton

Phillie Phanatic plays again.

Phanatic is known as the best mascot in baseball – and one of the best in all sports, really – adding another great troll this weekend against the Philadelphia inter-league series Yankees.

The fanatic would come out between the tickets, tailored with tails and thrown in a tux (Frank Sinatra-esque) theme “New York, New York”. Phanatic would use a touch of music to break the Yankees ’helmet, much to the delight of the people at Citizens Bank Park.

Yankees outfielder Giancarlo Stanton didn’t seem very happy with the test before Fanatic ran into his quad. (By the way, Stanton isn’t probably what you’d like to mark).

The Phillies would get a 7-3 lead over the Yankees by the end of the game, while Phanatic’s play sparked something in New York: the Bombers would tie the game in the ninth inning, but eventually lose in the extras, 8-7.

Phightin ’Phills didn’t get a storm in the game again. It went back to .500 with a 31-31 record. Five of the last six Yankees winners entered Sunday’s game.

The Phillies lost to the Yankees, and Fanatic remains undefeated.

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