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The sticky state of baseball: what to know about MLB’s “crisis” with pitchers and foreign substances

Chances are, you’ve heard a lot lately about the sticky problem of baseball. Rumors of “repression” and references to “foreign substances” and “fraud” have been common on social media. But what is it really about? Let’s see. What about pitchers and foreign substances? It has always been illegal for a pitcher to apply anything to basketball in an effort to ...

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USMNT leader Berhalter explains Musah’s League of Nations gap and reveals Steff’s injury diagnosis

Gregg Berhalter explained the decision to exclude Yunus Musah from the U.S. men’s CONCACAF Nations League two wins and also reported the injury to goalkeeper Zack Steffen. Musah was the only USMNT outside player who did not appear in the team’s victories over Honduras and Mexico, two games that would officially tie the midfielder to the U.S. Now, he will ...

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