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Nolan Arenado pulls the same shots against the Cubs (video)

Nolan Arenado St. The Louis Cardinals ’third baseman was unhappy with a shot from the third to first against the Cubs. So he did it twice.

Nolan Arenado was dominated by a machine Cardinals of St. Louis on Sunday against the Chicago Cubs.

For every player who thought they could get one over the third base, they made an impressive shot to fail.

At the bottom of the second, Arenado showed his dexterity, arm strength, and actually pure courage when he threw a third back on the ground and turned to throw the first out.

Contreras could have expected success against most other third basemen, but not Arenado.

But wait, there’s more! Arenado did again at the bottom of the fourth in almost the same way as Patrick Wisdom.

If Batel wants to keep putting them close to third base, Arenado will throw them from a ridiculous distance.

Nolan Arenado’s hilarious shots were the only bright spot for San Luis

The Cardinals ’problem is that Arenado’s shots didn’t put a point on the board. The Cubs advanced 2-0 in the third inning thanks to an RBI single by Anthony Rizzo and a mistake by Paul DeJong. The match ended without scoring more goals from both sides.

On this special day Arenado was unable to turn into a defensive attack. He went 0-4 with two strikers.

Zach Davies ’pitcher pitcher gave only two hits in 6.2-yard innings while he took care of the rest of the Chicago bullring.

The results kept the Cardinals free to fall. They have lost 11 of their last 13 games and Cincinnati is ranked third in the NL Central.

Chicago enjoyed a San Luis sweep as part of a five-game winning streak. They are level with Milwaukee at the top of the division.

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