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No one should forget about Paul George’s Game 3 instead of doing it or dying

LA Clippers star Paul George has overtaken the coals in poor playoff performances, so don’t forget to credit him with a terrific three games.

In sports, you’re as good as your last performance. If that’s the case, Paul George deserves the Playoff P nickname.

George hasn’t completely thrown Pandemia P’s reputation out of last year’s knockout disaster. They have killed him for every bad post-season performance he has received.

So it is fair to give credit to man. When LA Clippers In Game 3 he had to come big against the Utah Jazz, he did it completely.

Paul George was promoted by the Clippers when they played Game 3 or 3

The positive momentum that Los Angeles had in closing the Dallas Mavericks in the first round suddenly stopped when they arrived in Utah. The first two games of the series were lost against Jazz and they were again found in a 2-0 hole.

George scored 20 points in Game 1, but a 4-of-17 shot (23.5%) blocked the Clippers. He bounced back with a 27-point lead in the second, but lost to LA.

Losing in Game 3 would essentially put an end to the Clippers ’post-season. Sure, they would be able to guess an epic return, but the probability of that would be very low.

George and Kawhi Leonard didn’t get to that.

Leonard got the headlines with 34 points, but George had as much as anyone with a 132-106 victory. He scored 31 points with a six-point lead of six. He also had 5 assists.

Head coach Tyronn Lue gave credit to George The Jazz set the tone after the game started 8-0. It didn’t go down. He went outside and started firing.

Someone who only saw the memes and rumors about George would not recognize the player who appeared on Saturday, nor most of the games this post season, actually.

If you don’t lick George when he shows up, don’t forget the moments.

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