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Nikola Jokic expelled after losing to Cam Payne in dirt (Video)

Nikola Jokic was sent off in Game 4 for a foul on Cam Payne.

Back against the wall in Game 4 of the second round Phoenix Suns, Denver Nuggets his MVP needed to avoid sweeping the game of his life.

Unfortunately for the Nuggets and Nikola Jokic, a moment of frustration ended Sunday night.

At the end of the third quarter, as Suns struggled to make another escape from Denver, Phoenix guard Cameron Payne bounced into the corner. Jokic, unhappy with the way he played the game after catching another call, went after Payne, injured him and missed him as hard as he could.

The Joker contacted the ball, but not before Payne’s whole body slipped and caught him in the nose. Devin Booker immediately went into Jokic’s face to find out that this kind of dirt was unacceptable, clinging to his teammate.

After a lengthy review, Jokic was hit with a Flagrant 2 foul and thrown out of the match. Booker won a technician for aggravating the situation.

Nikola Jokic was sent off for killing or playing in Game 4

It’s a really unfortunate way to end Jokic’s MVP season. While Deandre Ayton did he did a very good job of it in this series, Jokic made it clear that Denver had the only hope to stay competitive against a top-ranked Suns team, and after being so memorable, it’s unfortunate that he didn’t get to be on the court in the fourth quarter of the playoffs.

That said, it was clearly a dirty foul, and the only thing that could stop Jokic from being eliminated was being a league MVP. Unfortunately for Denver, that wasn’t enough, and Suns built on the biggest advantage of the night with a 15-point lead soon after.

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