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NBA rules networks can’t drop Giannis Antetokoumpo’s free kicks against Jumbotron

The net must end the trolling of Giannis Antetokounmpo’s free kick routine.

According to Peter Botte of the New York Post, The NBA ordered the nets to stop Antetokoumpo’s free kicks through the scoreboard timer. According to Botte, “The league does not defend teams that encourage the fraud of other players.”

Barclays Center staff set the timer for Game 1 of the Nets vs. Bucks series. Antetokounmpo came on after receiving a rare free kick in Milwaukee’s Heat of sweep.

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As a rule, an NBA player must take a free kick within 10 seconds of receiving it from the court. Due to Antetokounmpo’s long routine, he often cuts or walks around for the allotted time.

However, they rarely call him for violation. Thus, the timer was set to increase the crowd, as the Freak approached the Greek release period and it took more than 10 seconds to show the officials.

You can see how it worked through the video below.

Although the timer could boost hand fans, it had little effect on the coaches in the game. Bucks coach Mike Budenholzer said he noticed people staring at Jumbotron, but he was more focused on the game than anything else.

“At one time I felt like people were watching Jumbotron, but I didn’t really know why,” Budenholzer said. “You never know what’s going on up there, and it’s weird that I can even take the suggestion of something.”

Still, the NBA has closed for now. Nets believers will have to find another way to get away from Giannis if the Bucks return to Brooklyn in Game 5.

The Nets lead the series 2-0 today and have a 39-point win in Game 2 of the Bucks. Game 3 will end at 7:30 pm on ET on Thursday night in Milwaukee.

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