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Julian Rodriguez overcame his injury, depression and ready to be champion

Julian Rodriguez has won boxing throughout his life. An injury advanced his level, but a win against Jose Pedraza would increase his level.

When Julian Rodriguez started competing as an 8-year-old boxing, he took up the habit of winning. He won several national titles between 2012 and 2013, is an undefeated professional, but lost control of his career when a serious injury suddenly halted his career.

Rodriguez (21-0, 14 KOs) is 26 years old today, but he remembers entering boxing gym at the age of 7 for the first time. As her mother was taking classes in aesthetics, the responsibility for the nursery was left to her father. Rodiguez’s father took him to the gym for a workout while he was watching his son at the same time.

His heroes were WWE fighters like Rey Mysterio, but someone suggested he try to guess the actual fights instead of acting.

“Actually, I was a WWF fan at the time. That’s what it was called, ”Rodriguez reminded FanSided. if you’re going to get in there for real **, don’t do that fake thing. ”So I got up and started beating the bag.”

Rodriguez was encouraged to continue training in boxing. That first spar changed his life.

“And then I think you just hit the bag for two or three weeks, you know, being something to pass the time, it was a lot bigger than me and they threw me out with a kid who was two or three years older than me,” Rodriguez said. “And I ruined this boy, man. I was sitting there playing a game. I considered it a tag game. And after a round or two, that kid was crying and bleeding his nose. “

Seeing his natural boxing talent, Rodriguez’s father and coach encouraged him to take boxing seriously, which he did from that moment on.

As an amateur, Rodriguez set a 221-9 record. He was a substitute for the 2012 London Olympics, but the amateur system pitted him against other American boxers. However, he won the 2013 National Golden Gloves Championship and became a professional in the same year when he was 18 years old.

Rodriguez continued to earn as a professional. He was active and was picking up victories, but a major injury temporarily halted his progress.

“The labra was torn,” Rodriguez said.

Julian Rodriguez feels it is his destiny to become a boxing champion

“We really think like it was my first big loss in the boxing sport,” Rodriguez continued. “I’ve been earning my whole life and growing up to be this champion all my life and I had a confident mindset to win. And this was the only time I was at this point and I couldn’t do about it. So that challenged my mindset and my surroundings. all “.

Rodriguez tried to run back, but was not cured. He needed more time to recover and lost everything in 2018. He never doubted that he would return to boxing, but being forced to move away from boxing affected him mentally and emotionally.

“I fell into a little depression,” Rodriguez said. “I started having anxiety crises. I was one of those guys like me, what do you mean by anxiety? Come on, focus and breathe. I was very naive about the subject because it never hit me. Anxiety doesn’t matter, or depression, mental illness doesn’t matter who you are, how old you are, what you do for a living, what color you have, anything like that. ”

Rodriguez acknowledges a support system consisting of his family, siblings and two children for helping him overcome his depression. They scored the lowest points, and bounced off in a big way.

In the last two fights, Rodriguez knocked down the opponent seven times in combination, resulting in two TKO victories. On Saturday, June 12, he will meet the two-time world champion Jose pedraza on the card below Shakur Stevenson vs. Jeremiah Nakathila. Pedraza (28-3, 13 KOs) means Rodriguez has a chance to get into the super lightweight elite level.

Rodriguez feels overwhelmed by his depression and anxiety has been one of his biggest victories so far.

“But the strongest point of my life so far has been overcoming those aspects of myself,” Rodriguez said confidently. “I feel like once I passed, man, I could kill a horse with my bare hands, man.”

This is bad news for Pedraza. Pedraza has the strongest resume, but Rodriguez is six years younger than Rodriguez and the most powerful puncher. Rodriguez believes he has all the sides of Pedraza.

“But compared to me, in my opinion, none of his tools are sharper than mine,” Rodriguez said. “He’s not faster than me. He is no clearer than me. He has no better foot work than I do. He is no more powerful than me. He is no bigger than me. He doesn’t blow more than I do. ‘

There is a certainty around Rodriguez that makes him a dangerous fighter. To win against Pedraza would be to change. A knockout would frighten him. Tune in to ESPN or ESPN Deportes on Saturday, June 12, where Rodriguez can take another step toward realizing his dreams. Major event coverage begins at 10pm ET.

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