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Javy Baez is eating the biggest bag of popcorn ever made during the Cubs-Cards

Javier Baez is in the hole watching Sunday night baseball and is enjoying the biggest bag of popcorn you’ve ever seen.

Chicago cubs fans were worried on Sunday when it was reported that the superstar race was short Javier Baez He was stricken with a major incident with St. Louis Cardinals. Baez was ruled out with what he called a thumb injury.

Well, if you think he was in a ton of pain, does it seem like the doctors on the team ordered him popcorn? Of course not, but Baez was spotted at the beginning of the action eating one of the biggest bags you’ll ever see.

Javier Baez eats a big bag of popcorn video for sure to be your day

Although Baez is known for being “The Magician,” that’s Spanish for the magician, eating a whole bag of popcorn would be a trick no one would see. In fact, for the sake of the belly, we’re sure that this massive thing won’t even come close to falling apart.

Anyway, this clip from Baez is sure to make a lot of Chicago fans smile. Again, there will always be plenty of concern when a star player arrives at a massive game, especially when the Cubs face off against the Cardinals.

In this case, however, it appears that the cubs and Davis Ross skipper Baez are sitting here as a precautionary measure. Since Baez’s thumb injury is not serious, he should return to the diamond before it’s too late. Until then, please continue to enjoy the popcorn and don’t be afraid to share it with others, Mr. Baez.

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