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James Hard’s injury update: Why doesn’t the Nets star play 2 vs. Bucks in the game?

James Harden won the Nets ’1st game for the Bucks with a mirror injury and did not return. He had only recorded one minute of activity before leaving and was immediately worried about how long it might take him to get ahead.

And in fact, the injury will leave him out to play at least one other game.

The Nets confirmed via their official Twitter account that Harden is facing hamstring tightness and will not play in the 2nd playoff game he will play with the Brooklyn Eastern Conference Milwaukee.

It’s not the first time Harden has suffered a right ankle injury this season. On March 31, he had a hamstring tightness against the Rockets and left the game. After that, Harden lost 20 of Brooklyn’s next 21 games and played less than five minutes in the match that suited him.

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When he recovered, Harden dealt with injury setbacks and re-readings, and seems to have survived the playoffs.

Due to the nature of the soft tissue injuries, it’s hard to say when Harden could return, but at least in Game 2, the nets will have to act without themselves. In Game 1, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving combined for 54 points, while Joe Harris and Blake Griffin scored 19 and 18 points for Brooklyn, respectively, for Harden’s sans victory.

Mike James scored 12 points in the top 30 minutes from the bench and could be included in the starting lineup to replace Hard. Bruce Brown, who started 37 games this season, is another option the networks could consider.

In any case, if Brooklyn wants to get another win against Giannis Antetokounmpo and Co., they will need another big effort to help replace Harden’s production from the start. This postseason, Harden has averaged 27.8 points, 7.2 rebounds and 10.6 assists in all five games played.

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