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Hjulmand admits Denmark is “wrong” to restart Finnish clash after fall of Eriks

Kasper Hjulmand has admitted that Denmark was “wrong” to fall for Christian Eriks and resume the Euro 2020 match against Finland on the same day.

He went down to Eriks ’pitch and stopped breathing in the first half of Group B, initially starting on Saturday at 17:00 in Copenhagen.

The 29-year-old finally regained consciousness before being sent to hospital after receiving RCP on the pitch, while both teams of players gave the green light to start the match again at 7.30pm instead of waiting until 12:00 on Sunday.

What is said?

Denmark continued to lose 1-0 as Joel Pohjanpalo headed home in the 59th minute for the first time in the European Championship for Finland.

Hjulmand said the defeat was “emotionally exhausting” and he has now shown sensitivity to the decision to watch Eriksen fight for his life on the pitch and play in less than two hours.

“I think the wrong decision was made between the two scenarios,” the Danish chief said at a press conference. “It was very hard for the players. They didn’t even know they were capable of losing their best friend.

“We didn’t have to decide for the players and I felt bad about what the players had to decide. I’m really proud of the way the world has reacted to this event.

“It’s often money, but yesterday we saw what football is all about: compassion and love.”

What did the Danish team doctor say?

Danish team doctor Morten Boesen also spoke to the media on Sunday, as he was the one who gave Eriksen emergency treatment at the Park stadium, but was unable to explain what caused the midfielder to blacken.

“We don’t have an explanation, so I can’t answer the question,” he said. “I only saw him then, so you guys saw him just like me.”

Asked by the BBC, when asked how far they had come to lose the Inter star, Boesen replied: “How close were we? I don’t know. We came back quickly. I’m not a cardiologist, so expert analysis.”

Interviews with Hjulmand with Eriksen

Hjulmand also revealed what Eriksen had said when they spoke on the phone after declaring that he was in stable condition at the hospital.

He said the Danish player, who will be hospitalized for further testing for now, remembers the incident very little and is more concerned with his teammates and family than his well-being.

“He was worried about us and his family,” Hjulmand said. “He didn’t remember much and he was worried about what the team was feeling. That shows his great personality.

“He’s a great player, but also as a person. He feels like he’s coming out and playing and he feels good when his feet are close to the ball. It was good to see him smile.”

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