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He marked all the fights between Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul, from boxing fans to Canelo Alvarez

How much would you pay to see an audiovisual circus?

While it was definitely a boxing match on Sunday night in a fight between Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul, a judge, a judge, a head and elephants were balancing on a beach ball. Boxing GOATs and celebrities from the internet had fun in eight rounds on the PPV to get $ 50 fresh. No winner has been named.

While the wrestling exhibition was billed and sold as a wrestling show, it embodied everything that was questioned about boxing in 2021: the eight rounds between a boxing star praised (and apparently gave the script) the money before the star was put before the honor (to be fair, who can blame him)? ?) and a YouTube star who went to the boxing ring seems to have jumped a bit after making his grape bones.

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Mayweather eventually seems to have expelled Paul earlier in the fight, but held on to the events to move forward.

A harsh critique of the fighting game and a dumb way to put money aside, mixing these ingredients to get a disastrous boxing dynamite stick that blows people off in a bad way. you should see come, in view of the oddities of June 6; Mayweather’s nickname is “Money,” after all, and Paul has made a tremendous amount of money … well, everything he does on the Internet.

With all of this in mind, almost everyone who joined last night’s circus was left happy and unaware, from wrestling fans to big boxing Canelo Alvarez:

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