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Glen Davis believes Kyrie Irving’s injury is a kind of Celtic karma

Glen ‘Big Baby’ Davis was led by Kyrie Irving of the Brooklyn Nets superstar after a serious ankle sprain against the Bucks.

People all over Brooklyn are scared right now Brooklyn Networks Superstar Kyrie Irving injured his ankle in Game 4 against the Milwaukee Bucks and was discard in the rest of the game. Although his supporters are concerned, the same cannot be said about Irving’s hatreds. Glen Davis apparently appears on that list.

A man known as the “big baby” decides to troll Irving after injuring him, trampling Irving Boston Celtics in this subsequent season of the logo. This really doesn’t look great on Davis.

Glen Davis could be less concerned about Kyrie Irving, who suffered an ankle injury on Sunday

Tell us how you really feel, Mr. Davis. The former Boston striker made it clear that Irving’s injury is of no concern. Instead, he informed the guard that Irvuri was angry when he stepped on the Irving team logo in early spring.

The secret people of Boston don’t hate Irving, because they were mumbling to him and every time the two groups fought in the TD Garden they would yell at him. Despite spending many seasons with Boston and making eleven shots for the team, there is no lost love between the two sides.

Davis helped win the 2008 NBA Finals in Boston. The organization will always have a special place in its heart. Because of this, he was very angry with Irving and his behavior in the Garden. Taking pleasure in someone who has suffered an injury is something that will surely upset Irving and the rest of the Brooklyn teammates.

Don’t be surprised if Irving ends up answering that. Right now, everyone is waiting for the renewal of that injured ankle, losing at any moment would be a big blow to the nets.

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