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Former Hawaii quarterback Colt Brennan died at the age of 37; the football world deplores the loss

Former University of Hawaii quarterback Colt Brennan has died at the age of 37.

No official cause of death appeared. Hawaii News Now reports this Brennan was in a rehabilitation facility When he died in California.

Brennan, the NCAA quarterback record, was known for the Hawaii Warriors offense for being one of the most watched units in college football.

Starting in Hawaii in three years, Brennan threw 131 touchdowns for the school, including 58 touchdowns in 14 games that broke the 2006 season record. In 2007 another top-level season was named a Heisman Trophy finalist. He also won votes for Heisman in 2006, and was sixth.

Brennan finished fourth for his 131 touchdowns, and 146 overall touchdowns finished second in NCAA history.

The Californian was selected by Washington in the sixth round of the 2008 NFL Draft, but his NCAA fortunes did not continue until Sunday, two years after he was finally selected by the organization.

Brennan would be in the UFL, CFL and AFL before the games were completely ruled out.

Brennan struggled with drugs and alcohol all his life, eventually being arrested 2020 with a second-degree felony charge that he was intoxicated after refusing to leave a hotel. A 2010 car accident left Brennani with a brain injury.

Brennan’s fortunes and legacy of being one of the most prolific college passes are firmly entrenched, and the football world lamented his loss on Tuesday.

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