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Did Floyd Mayweather really kick Logan Paul out? The video shows Paul horribly after drilling

The fight between Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul was a knockout, though it could have happened.

Mayweather Vs. While Paul was billed and sold as an exhibition bought between one of the greatest ever and an Internet celebrity, the fight itself seemed more like a script than a WWE match. (Which Mayweather would know a thing or two about.)

During the fight, however, Mayweather might have lost the script: Mayweather got a pure counter-fist, hobbling and captivating Paul.

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Mayweather, nailing Paul’s right hand to his ear, causes Paul to stumble on Mayweather, who seems to be holding him back. Mayweather supposedly wanted to help him across the finish line. No fighter was named in the fight, though Mayweather got more punches and Paul got out of the boxing fight.

Although the fights in the exhibitions have nothing new in boxing – Muhammad Ali fought for Antonio Inoki’s fight for the law in an exhibition in the 70s, after all – the nature of attracting cash from these fights does not in fact become a sport.

In the end, Mayweather and Paul knew all too well what they were doing: Playing fans for the octet in eight-round fights was just a massive day’s pay for the two fighters.

After all, “Money” said so much after the fight:

“When it comes to legalizing bank robberies, I’m the best,” Mayweather said.

Well, there is no lie in it.

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