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Diamondbacks shows off sexy and stylish Nike City Connect uniforms

“Clean,” as the kids say.

The Diamondbacks have become the seventh team this year to unveil the Nike City Connect uniform, a line of substitute jerseys that will feature 30 teams in the next round.

While other uniforms are colorful, intricate, and have a great personality, Diamondbacks tones the intricate design for colors that mimic desert sand, and are beautiful. Check out:

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Some uniform features:

  • “Serpientes” on the front, “snakes” in Spanish, to pay homage to the Hispanic culture of the community;
  • The color represents the desert sand of Sonora;
  • The “V” patch represents Phoenix’s nickname, “Valley of the Sun.”

All 30 MLB teams will get replacement uniforms in the coming years, with the Red Sox, Diamondbacks, Cubs, White Sox and Marlins revealing their uniforms for 2021. The Dodgers and Giants will unveil the uniforms in the coming weeks.

The uniform designs make an effort to connect with the cities the teams represent. Nike has done a solid job of introducing new designs for uniforms in sportswear, giving many uniform designs a fashionable look.

Snakes are likely to shoot at the top of the line with them.

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