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Deshaun Watson Trade Rumors: Kareem Jackson Says Texans QB Wants to Join Broncos

While the Broncos remain tied to the first quarters of the trade market, one has reported interest in coming to Denver.

Broncos safety Kareem Jackson told Denver’s former Aqib Talib corner in Talib’s “Catchin ‘Fades” podcast when Watson told Denver he was “where I want to be.”

“He likes‘ I want to be in Denver, ’” Jackson said in the podcast.

Watson has been the subject of trade rumors all season, just as he has been accused of inappropriate relationships and sexual assault in more than 20 civil lawsuits filed this year.

Watson has denied the allegations while his lawyer, Rusty Hardin, worked to discredit the allegations against the quarterback. Prior to the allegations, It was reported that the Texans were approached by eight different groups asking about him.

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NFL network journalist Ian Rapaport said on Twitter that while Denver is a possible place, he didn’t think Watson wanted to be there. He reported that Watson has been hired by former teammates and other NFL players.

Jackson said in an interview with the Talib that he was conducting his free agent trial that Watson asked him where he would sign. When he made the decision to step down with Denver, Jackson said Watson told him he wanted to join the Broncos to tell the team.

Talib started the segment by saying that Denver would have Watson as quarterback and said he sees “setup. Straight line.”

He was linked with Denver Watson before the allegations arose this season and the signing of quarterback Teddy Bridgewater. Last season, most of the games Drew Lock scored for the Broncos began as the overall team was the worst in the NFL, finishing last in the QBR team (72.5), 26 yards (3,451), 25th touchdown (21). ) and made the most catches on the 23rd.

They stayed in the Broncos interview with Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers as the destination If separated from Green Bay.

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