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Davante Adams talks about the Aaron Rodgers-Packers drama: “You have to keep people happy”

Davante Adams will be ready to play in this 2021 NFL season – who could be his quarterback.

Adams, the No. 1 pick for Aaron Rodgers and a pair of Green Bay running backs, has been growing the rift between his superstar quarterback and the Packers organization since last year, and doesn’t seem to have much confidence in him.

Speaking on NBC Sports ’Peter King film“ The Peter King Podcast, ”Adams said he talked to Rodgers about all the Packers-Rodgers drama and what’s going on.

I mean, he’s been tough, man. Of course, I talked to him for a while. I can’t really share too much about what we talked about. It’s just something that’s part of this business. You need to make people happy. It’s hard because you’ve invested a lot of time in the same place and done so much for one place. You hope to see that respect together, you can tell. When it is not specified as you want, you have problems like this. But we’re positive, I’m holding on to my workout, I’m doing what I have to do to get myself ready, no matter who my quarterback is. Hope and pray that Aaron will just follow through on what we’ve had all along, but we’ll keep working to see how this happens.

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While Adams handled the problem well, keep in mind this point: “Who is my quarterback” is nothing. Adams also said that “you have to keep people happy,” apparently because the Packers may not have done enough to make their star quarterback happy.

King questioned whether Adams had a feeling Rodgers would return to Green Bay at the start of the season, and Adams could not offer confirmation in one way or another.

“I don’t have (feelings), man. I try to be positive,” Adams said. “I just kept my mind. I don’t want to bring anything else to this universe. I just have good thoughts and some sort of importance in my head and I hope at some point we get back to normal and we show up at camp and everyone is ready to rock.”

Rodgers has reportedly made it clear that he does not want to play another game at Green Bay, with a warning: If GM Brian Gutekunsti were to be shown his roles, Rodgers could return to Lambeau Field.

But, as of May 11, that doesn’t seem to be happening: the Rodgers and Packers seem to be drilled, with reports from the 49ers, Broncos and Raiders as a potential landing site. The 49ers will likely remove those selected by Trey Lance in the 2021 NFL draft from the board.

For now, Rodgers, Packers, Adams and everyone else will have to wait and see how that goes.

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