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Claressa Shields vs Brittany Elkin

Possibility to carry three from PFL 4.

The PFL ended with some entertaining fights and a strong debut for Claressa Shields.

The event featured exciting finishes and a tiring three-round fight, ending with Brittney Elkin’s final fight in the Shields TKO. Focusing on feather weights and light weights, here are three options for the event.

Not all fighters in Khabib Nurmagomedov will be promoted

Most would agree that the quality and perseverance of the fighters drawn from the Eagles MMA Academy, the gym led by former UFC champion and arguably one of the GOATs in Khabib Nurmagomedov’s sport, is impressive. As many of his fighters move up the rankings among their organizations quickly, many have wondered if the gym will be the next ATT, training multiple world champions in all major promotions.

Well, PFL 4 showed us that not all Eagles MMA fighters will follow the title shot quickly. Akhmed Aliyev Loik Radzhabov suffered an embarrassing loss in the third fight of the event. Alevi did not strike a single strike, and Radzhabov finished in 26 seconds of the first lap. Another member of his camp has not lost in that way in a major promotion.

Nurmagomedov may have ended his career unscathed, but not all of his students.

Although PFL 4 is an exciting event, like PFL or not, 4. MMA is still a promotion

The PFL is doing everything it can to differentiate its promotion and show that it should be considered a top-level organization. From the “sport-style” point system and knockout structure to the Fighter Performance Ranking, there’s no shortage of ways to differentiate PFL a bit. However, different ones aren’t always better, and last night it was highlighted how much work is left to get the promotion to the highest MMA levels.

From inexperienced fighters making mistakes for beginners to veteran fighters, showing that their skills have not evolved, the overall quality of talent feels more aligned with the LFA with one of the big three. Moreover, the broadcast team, which made up 100% of the fighters (Kenny Florian, Randy Couture and Sean O’Connell) has no balance and cohesion in the commentary. There is a reason for at least one non-combatant member in every other major promotion to mediate in the interview and for the fighter not to go too far above the viewer’s heads.

However, the PFL 4 was entertaining to watch, and the sports format is interesting. The PFL is no better or more entertaining than the UFC, Bellator or One Championship yet. The PFL is going in the right direction, but there is still some way to go.

Claressa Shields did what the PFL had to do

The PFL has already legitimized itself as a strong MMA promotion. However, he has made an effort to find the right fighter with the right stellar power to keep the fans engaged and committed to tuning. When Anthony Pettis joined, many assumed he would be that guy. However, the loss of his debut against Clay Collard kept the fans in the cage behind him for more days than before.

The shields, however, gave PFL another chance to attract new audiences. There have been sports and non-sports media, and sports fans in general Following the debut of PFL 4. Many continued, wondering if Paul would imitate the show of boxing matches. Others continued to see what an athlete of that level could learn and do in a very different high-level sport. And yet the purists continued to fail.

Whatever the reason, the PFL received more interest than any other in recent history for this struggle. With great care, the promotion needed Shields to at least look like an MMA fighter, but in a credible way to win. And Shields delivered with a third-round TKO.

Although it was clear that Shields ’skill set was very green, he showed composure, took the instruction well from his corner and showed that his striking is already the most dangerous in the sport. Better than that, he threw confidence and humility into the post-fight conversation and showed that his personality and reputation is affordable and will return dividends to the PFL as he continues to improve.

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