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Cole Beasley has tried to clarify his position on the COVID-19 vaccine: “Players are being deprived of information.”

Cole himself. Cole Beasley has been a critic of the NFL vaccine throughout the league, and on Wednesday, he tried to explain his stance on the vaccine. Beasley blames someone – it’s not clear who he is, exactly – for withholding information from players so the player can get vaccinated. Beasley’s statement in full: I am not anti or pro ...

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Deshaun Watson’s rumors: Among the Broncos, Eagles, Dolphins landing places if QB plays in 2021

Deshaun Watson still wants to avoid heavy fines despite appearing in training from the Texans. According to several reports, Houston officials are ready to face the starting quarterback who now has a cloud of serious outside accusations still on him. The Texans, however, have no plans to take a discount on Watson’s potential services, even if they are on the ...

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TJ Ward has sparked outrage with deleted tweets about cancer survivor Ron Rivera

TJ Ward was found in hot water on Wednesday morning after some comments he made on Twitter about Washington Football Team coach Ron Rivera. The safety of the Browns, Broncos and Buccaneers weighed heavily Rivera is “in addition to frustration” That so many Washington players remain unvaccinated. In The Washington Post, Washington is in last place in the league’s overall ...

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Mariners players feel “betrayed” after Kendall Graveman’s trade: “They don’t care about winning”

Jerry Dipoto can’t help himself, and now it could cost the Mariners. Seattle has debated the American League playoffs, has been the only wildcard to play in the second round, and overall is one of the most amazing baseball teams in 2021. The Mariners GM Dipoto, however, don’t seem to care: Seattle traded relieved Kendall Graveman to Houston’s rival AL ...

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