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The classic Suns-Clippers mixed with the NBA’s endless replay of the last two minutes

Voice of the Mavericks of Dallas Since 2005, Chuck Cooperstein has played about 1,430 professional basketball games called play-by-play. Adding them all together, it probably took a little less time than the last two minutes of Tuesday night’s Suns-Clippers playoffs. If the four breaks taken in the last 120 seconds of the Sun’s victory hadn’t led you to sleep, maybe ...

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MLB rules Joe Girardi and managers like him rule out “bad faith” substance controls

Joe Girardi, the Phillies manager and baseball lifestyle, introduced himself on Tuesday night in an interview with the sticky substance in baseball. National head coach Max Scherzer has already been verified by referees – as required by the new baseball enforcement policy – twice, in the first and third innings. Girardi asked the referees to check on Scherzer again in ...

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Allyson Felix founded his own shoe company Saysh, two years after it split with Nike

Two years after quarreling with Nike and a few days into qualifying for his fifth trip to the Olympics, track star Allyson Felix is ​​adding the title of “entrepreneur” to her list of accomplishments. Felix announced on Instagram on Wednesday that he is marketing his shoe brand called Saysh, which he believes “expresses hope, acceptance and the ability to create ...

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Phillies director Joe Girardi has explained to Max Scherzer the decision to check for sticky things

Say it’s not like that, Joe. Max Scherzer was checked three times for sticky stuff on Tuesday night as MLB began enforcing its new anti-pitcher policy using Performance Enhancing Sticky Stuff (PESS) on the second day. [we just made that up]). While the referees checked Scherzer twice, Phillies manager Joe Girardi checked Scherzer again because he was angry with Scherzer ...

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Hi MLB, it’s time! Stop making jugs evil

All right, Max. We’re all crazy here. MLB’s worst secret is that the pitchers carry sticky things to get to the basketball while they almost throw the baskets, and the players have generally been fine. Rob Manfred and the rest of the brain trust in the MLB offices decided that the offense had gone downhill (part of which is their ...

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