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Carli Lloyd tells the story of the wounded Rose Lavelle on a USWNT sea voyage past Jamaica

The U.S. women’s team continued its preparations for the Olympics on Sunday night to win 4-0 without beating Jamaican troops.

It couldn’t have been a better start as Carli Lloyd scored 24 seconds and a goal from Lindsey Horan six minutes later came in as a way to control Jamaica’s damage. U.S. coach Vlatko Andonovski thought a lot about when some of his bubble players shone in Houston, but he also got scared because Rose Lavelle had to be removed with an injury in the first half.

The US didn’t score between the 22nd minute and the break in the second half, but they continued to dominate. Here are three notes from the team’s penultimate game in the June three friendly.

Lloyd makes history – and his case

This is a problem for Lloyd Andonovski. He has made it clear in the past that he is not happy with his role as a banker, but will not start much if he forms an Olympic team.

But Lloyd has his past experience and a genealogy of great games and so far offers many goals. Opening in 24 seconds against Jamaica was the second fastest goal in USWNT history and at 382 days old, he is now the oldest USWNT player to score a goal.

“In the end the old one isn’t so bad,” Lloyd said Fox Sports after the game is over. “It’s grinding for me, it’s better. It’s a wonderful record to have.”

Lloyd almost scored in the opening minutes and minutes, and was active and dangerous in the first half before being replaced at the break.

Andonovsky has plenty of chances in the attack if he chooses not to take Lloyd to Tokyo, despite being strong on Sunday’s show he is far from locked. Against Jamaica, Lloyd took his chance.

Lavelle dropped in the first half

Lavelle was injured in the middle of the first half when he seemed to be dribbling the ball over his head.

Lavelle tried to play, but was unable to continue and was replaced by Sam Mewis.

The grain seemed small to him, and Lavelle came out of the field under his power. After the match, Andonovski said it was Lavelle who really made the decision to come out as a precaution.

“Rose pulled her ankle a little bit and first she wanted to go a little further, and I’m very proud of that,” Andonovsky said. “In the past Rose usually played 90 minutes, but she thought it was best to get her head out.”

But worrying about any injury to the team’s key game manager close to the Olympics isn’t ideal for the USWNT, especially for a player with a history of Lavelle’s injuries.

A powerful display of bubble players

Lloyd was not the only player on the Olympic list to make a strong display against the Jamaicans on Sunday, as Emily Sonnett and Midge Purce also drew attention.

Purce, who usually plays at the back of the USWNT, had a more natural offensive position and scored in the first half before returning to defense in the second half.

Sonnett also demonstrated his versatility by making a strong two-way shift from right back to left.

But it’s not exactly how many players Andonovsky should put in when his players play against Jamaica. The Caribbean nation is nowhere near the USWNT level and the coach will probably learn more about his players when he sees them training against each other in a friendly than on Sunday like Sunday.

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