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Astros can trade 1 right now to shake up Athletics

If the Houston Astros want to take home the AL West title this year, they will have to leave in exchange for Michael Fulmer.

There are many curiosities MLB the division struggles are ready to continue in the campaign, which is sure to be interesting in what comes out of the AL West. The Oakland Athletics it currently holds the top spot in the standings, but is strong Houston Astros Only 1.5 games have been returned.

The number of Astros will be quite busy until the end of the trading period on July 30th. One player in particular is going to help improve the bullring, no doubt Detroit Tigers hurler Michael Fulmer.

The Houston Astros should be Michael Fulmer’s top trading priority

Although Fulmer can also start in Houston, he has had tremendous success as a reliever with Detroit. It was a mid-season change for him, and things have gone more than swimming. Fulmer has been in absolute dominance in recent situations in Detroit, flirting his fast ball with 100 MPH several times.

That’s been incredible for veteran director AJ Hinch, who is of course a fairly well-known Houston organization. Should Fulmer take the road to Houston, he could continue in that bullfighting task or give the Astroes a valuable start this summer as well. Because of this versatility, the 6-foot-3, 245-pound will likely be a hot product that will last until next month.

The Tigers are 26-39 a year now, 15 games back in the AL central Chicago White Sox. It’s been another frustrating year for the Tigers loyalists, but Fulmer has certainly had a pleasant surprise. It would make a beautiful return to Detroit as well. Look here in Houston to try and do something.

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