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Alex Smith and Mark Sanchez replace Rich Gannon in the CBS NFL broadcast booth

Those who are eager to see Alex Smith again near a football field may not have to wait much longer.

Andrew Marchand of The New York Post reported that Smith was recently auditioned to become an open analyst for CBS after retiring from the game that would be his next session in football.

Smith, who returned to the field after two years of life-threatening leg injuries, also returned to the NFL Network and Fox auditions. Fox is also looking for a replacement analyst this season after taking on jobs with Chris Spielman Lions.

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Smith, however, is not alone in running: Marchand also reported that former QB Mark Sanchez was offered a hearing as a CBS analyst. Marchand reported that a source says Sanchez has a bit more personality than Smith. Sanchez has worked as a studio analyst at ESPN for the past few years.

Former filmmaker Joey Galloway and recently retired Cowboys linebacker Sean Lee also heard the role.

CBS chose not to renew Rich Gannon’s contract after the 2020 season, ending his 16-year career as a network analyst behind the microphone. James Lofton and Adam Archuleta were two options considered for Gannon’s spot. The network, meanwhile, has a number of game analysts to include in the role, including Tiki Barber and Jay Feely.

Gannon was fourth in the network’s “depth chart” in Marchand, presumably behind Tony Romo, Charles Davis and Trent Green.

CBS’s search isn’t over yet, but if Smith had to jump off the field, there would probably be another transition to another career as he has done throughout his career.

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