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Alabama has a defense named Kool-Aid McKinstry

There are great names, and then there’s people called Kool-Aid.

Alabama’s Kool-Aid McKinstry is like a defensive first in Alabama. “Kool-Aid” is his nickname, but it’s so much a part of his story that it’s also mentioned by Crimson Tide sports information staff official list of the group and in his official bio.

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McKinstry recounted the origins of his headline while he was in high school. AL.com reported she said she was given that nickname by her grandmother because she was born smiling. The Kool-Aid cartoon character is always seen with a smile, of course.

That said, McKinstry’s name is Ga’Quincy, which could also go with the classic abbreviated version of “GQ”. And “Kool-Aid” isn’t even his full nickname: on Twitter, it’s “Koolaid Glizxzy”.

But, hey, when you’re hired for five stars, according to 247Sports.com, the No. 1 coach in the rankings, Mr. Alabama. With one football effort and two sports (Tide plans to play in men’s basketball next season), you can go as you please.

Pretty sweet deal, that.

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