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3 brave players can take advantage of the return of Joc Pederson trade

ATLANTA, GEORGIA – APRIL 26: Kris Bryant, No. 17 in the Chicago Cubs, rounded out second base in the third goal in the third inning against the Atlanta Braves’ Truist Park on April 26, 2021 in Atlanta, Georgia. . (Photo by Kevin C. Cox / Getty Images)

The Atlanta Braves didn’t have to give much away last week to get outside player Joc Pederson. With that, they can be responsible for getting one of these three giant players.

The first half of the season has been tremendous Atlanta Braves because of the variety of wounds they had to endure. Formerly Mike Soroka from pitcher Ronald Acuña Jr. until he became an outside star, the brave have not been easy.

When Acuña broke the ACL, the Brave called on the Chicago Cubs to outsider Joc Pederson to negotiate a deal. The brave ones just needed to part with the prospective Bryce Ball. The scouts told Robert Murray FanSided MLB insider The Cubs “quickly started the deal”, citing Ball as the best designated player.

Since the brave don’t give up much for Pederson, CEO Alex Anthopoulos will be able to study the movement of larger fish in the ocean. If Atlanta chooses to go this route, here are three players they should focus on.

3. Kris Bryant

If the kids were to accept that the explorers thought there was little to offer, the Brave would have to think about making another call to the Windy City team, perhaps to get their biggest commercial job at the deadline – Kris Bryant.

The 2016 NL MVP has been the subject of trade rumors for years. But one team that was often associated with him during that period was the Braves. However, then Bryant was mostly the third base. Now, Bryant’s value lies in the roof.

Bryant offers promising post-season teams with a gift for versatility. The 29-year-old has played in third, first and third places outside. This should certainly grab the attention of the brave, as the NL East division race is competitive.

Through 86 games this season, Bryant is down .264 / .346 / .489 while recording 16 home runs, 48 ​​RBI, 53 runs and 81 hits.

The brave should think about bombing Cuba with phone calls to try to negotiate a deal to take Bryant to Atlanta.

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